Donna the Buffalo

Standing somewhere between the root pop of Poi Dog Pondering and a Louisiana zydeco outing, Donna the Buffalo serves up a simmering blend of Cajun, folk, rock and even country-tinged fare. The road-tested group weaves these influences together for an eminently enjoyable oeuvre that it's been forging for nearly two decades at festivals and dance halls across the country. From the fiddle-inflected "Way Back When" and the whimsical melody of "Rockin' Horse" to the sunny vocals of "Blue Sky," the wistful strains of "Deeds of a Few" and the infectious hooks of "Rock of Ages," Donna explores a wide range of styles while keeping its sound focused enough to appreciate. The outfit -- whose name was chosen after a vote for "Dawn of the Buffalo" was misheard -- hails from upstate New York and has recorded with a host of artists, including alt-country songsmith Jim Lauderdale.


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