Doo Crowder's show at West Side Books will not be boring

Doo Crowder (due at West Side Books on Sunday, November 4) first gained renown as a member of indie-pop outfit the Dinnermints. But he's most well known for his tenure as frontman of the anarcho-orchestra Pee Pee. Since Pee Pee went on indefinite hiatus a few years ago, Crowder has played numerous solo shows exploring a variety of musical approaches. Through the use of loops and synths, raps, inspired dancing, stripped-down guitar and vocals and bombastic karaoke, Crowder has proved not only that his creative skills are multi-faceted, but that he's not afraid to take personal and artistic risks or to use equipment that doesn't always behave as it should. What will this show be like? Who knows? But it definitely won't be boring.


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