Considering the kinetic, frenetic and contagious energy that's a crucial part of any Dovekins concert, it's a wonder the outfit has waited this long to release a live record. The band's second full-length release, (A)Live, nicely captures the group's gleeful and giddy approach to live performance while offering a slate of new tunes in the process. Songs like "The Dalles," from the band's 2010 release, Assemble the Aviary, gain a new immediacy in a live setting, while songs like "Lil' Baby" and "Sushi Western" spotlight a new dimension of the group not audible in a studio setting. In "Clocktower," a groove-based stand-up bass line by Blake Stepan evolves into an epic, soulful complaint about modern life. "El Capitan," meanwhile, fuses gypsy chords by Griff Snyder and rich banjo contours by Laura Goldhamer for a fast-paced dance-along, a live anthem that offers hints of klezmer and other storied folk traditions.


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