"We've never wanted to go out and blow our own trumpet, really," Doves drummer/vocalist Andy Williams told Westword back in 2002. "We want the music to do the talking, and if people like it, that speaks volumes." In the years since, Williams and his cohorts (twin brother Jez and bassist/vocalist Jimi Goodwin) have stuck to this line, and while they've never scaled the heights of mass popularity, their songs have indeed kept them relevant despite the U.K. rock scene's well-documented vicissitudes. Witness Kingdom of Rust, their latest album, which remains a satisfying listening experience for reasons that are tough to explain but easy to enjoy. "Jetstream" conjures up notable sweep from the unlikeliest of elements (vintage keyboard Velveeta, "Theme From Shaft" high hat); the title track and "The Outsiders" rock with more abandon than usual; and "10:03" and "Compulsion" revel in a very British kind of drama. If they won't blow their own trumpet, somebody else should.


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