Download a free preview of the C.DB.SN and Scaffolding split EP, Covalent States

With winter starting to really settle in, our natural hibernation instincts are kicking in. It's a perfect time for hunkering down with ambient electronic music. So, when we noticed the new EP from C.DB.SN and Scaffolding was available for streaming at Plastic Sound Supply, with a pair of free downloads, we found ourselves hoping for more inclement weather, because the songs on Covalent States are ideal for a lazy snow day.

The record is about as subdued as you're going to get, with only a subtle hint of a beat to guide you across all the tracks. Each artist gets a single track here, and those are followed by remixes of the same tracks by each of them.

Scaffolding takes the lead with "Metals," an oddly ill-fitting title for a song that sounds more like digital flowers blossoming than harsh metallic tones. The track sets the mood for the album as a whole, which is to say, it's a lovely, ambient trip through the minds of both artists. Even the remixes hold back, and when C.DB.SN adds his spin to the Scaffolding track, it remains a gentle nudge of a song, providing just enough of a hook to keep you involved, but never overwhelming your thoughts.

For his part, C.DB.SN's "Mercury" kicks off with a fantastic ethereal push, with bells and whooshing giving way to a drum sound that has more in common with a sweeping broom than a bass. The track slowly distorts over time, but never overwhelms with it.

It's all very calming and the perfect accompaniment to the chilly season in Denver. All four tracks have a human sensibility about them, despite their electronic origins, and if you're in the mood for something quiet, they're a great fit.

MP3: "Metals" - Scaffolding MP3: "Mercury" -

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