Download a track from Breathe Carolina's new album

Fearless Records, the new home of Breathe Carolina, has made a brand new song available for download. The track, "Welcome to Savannah,"which is slated to appear on Hello Fascination, due out on Tuesday, August 18, also appears on Fearless's free Summer Sampler (see artwork and full tracklist after the jump), which you can download for free directly through the imprint's website. Don't look for any big derivations; "Welcome to Savannah" follows the act's electropop template pretty closely -- well, minus the larnyx-shredding backing vox. Breathe Carolina, which covers a Miley Cyrus song (parts of which sound vaguely like "Sunglasses at Night," or am I crazy?) on Punk Goes Pop Volume Two, just set off on the Warped Tour , which hits Denver towards the end of the summer on Sunday, August 9.

Track Listing


1. Sparks

The Rescue - "Autumn"

2. Breathe

Carolina - "Welcome To Savannah"*

3. The

Word Alive - "Quit While You're Ahead"*

4. Artist

Vs Poet - "Assurance Closure"

5. Eye

Alaska - "Walk Like A Gentleman"

6. A

Skylit Drive - "Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship"

7. Lets

Get It - "Do Not Disturb"*

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