Dr. Izzy Band

The title of Dr. Izzy Band's debut, Blind & Blues Bound, perfectly encapsulates this group's sound. Throughout the twelve-song disc, frontwoman Dr. Izzy, who was born in Texas with full vision but began to go blind at the age of nine, clearly has a strong affinity for the blues. On the fiery opener, "Matches Don't Burn Memories," which also features blues harmonica legend James Cotton, Dr. Izzy digs in, recalling some of Lucinda Williams's grittier efforts. Guitarist Robert Morrison, who's married to Dr. Izzy and has been collaborating with her for nearly a decade, helped write a lot of the songs here with producers Clark Hagan and Kenny Passarelli, who plays bass on the album. While Dr. Izzy has no problem powering through the heavy blues of "Earth Bound," she's equally compelling on the slower, more soulful cuts, such as "One Last Walk."


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