Seemingly hand-picked by Lil Wayne to watch over the Young Money label empire while Weezy did time at Rikers Island, the doe-eyed Drake gladly took the throne, ego and all. After a string of successful mixtapes brought the rapping crooner to the masses — tracks like "Houstalantavegas" and "Best I Ever Had" proved Drake was radio-ready — his career as a teenage Canadian television star (known then as Aubrey Graham) was all but erased from pop-culture memory. Drake's Billboard-topping studio release, 2010's Thank Me Later, has given the hip-hop artist plenty to be smug about, with Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Weezy himself making appearances. Live, Drake has the inherent swagger to romance the masses with just the turn of a shoulder, all while cooing lines about fancy girls thinking they are, well, fancy.


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