Dresden Dolls

If the thought of "piano rock" conjures images of Elton John in his duck suit or Jerry Lee Lewis pounding the ivories with his penny loafers, then you obviously haven't heard the Dresden Dolls. The Boston-based piano/drums duo of Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione whip up a stunningly potent racket, built around Palmer's raw, emotional songwriting. A merciless approach to the keys -- combined with a bold, beautiful voice and an arresting stage presence -- make Palmer a truly rocking frontwoman, while Viglione brings the noise with jazz- and punk-influenced drumming. Dressed like mime escapees from Weimar-era Berlin, the pair occupy musical territory somewhere between PJ Harvey and Jucifer. If you doubt their ability to rock, check out the Dolls' live version of "War Pigs" (dedicated to George W. Bush) on their forthcoming DVD -- and then see them for yourself.


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