Drew Danburry

How do you deal with asshole hecklers? Drew Danburry has his own unique solution. After failing to silence a loudmouth member of the audience during a recent show in Illinois, the Utah-based songwriter led the crowd out of the venue and into the street for an acoustic sing-along of "I Think We're Alone Now," which just goes to illustrate Danburry's warped charm and sense of humor. His full-length discs -- An Introduction to Sex Rock and Besides: Are We Just Playing Around Out Here or Do We Mean What We Say? -- burst with shambling, charismatic indie-folk that's as intimate and confessional as it is goofy and cute. Besides crisscrossing the country as a solo performer, Danburry is an avid skateboarder and filmmaker, two interests that coalesced in his documentary, Skateboarding is not Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 or the X-games or... Either of his performances tonight is bound to be a blast of sweet strumming and warmhearted fun. Just be sure to watch your lip.


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