Dual release party at Cervantes' tonight featuring A.V.I.U.S., Mane Rok and Es-Nine

Tonight at Cervantes' A.V.I.U.S. is releasing his sophomore solo effort, For Better or Worse, in a dual release party with Mane Rok and Es-Nine, who are dropping En Stereo -- a tribute to the deejay and MC collaboration. We already gave you a sneak peek of A.V.I.U.S.'s new joint, now we've got an exclusive track from En Stereo for you to check out.

In the tradition of famed hip-hop collaborations like Gang Starr's Guru (RIP) and DJ Premier, En Stereo is essentially a tribute to the MC/producer combination. "You know, even if people don't know about hip-hop, they know that it's two turn-tables and a microphone," Mane Rok points out. "To me that idea is very much the essence of what it really is. If you take it back to Kool Herc, it was the MCs job to hype up the DJ. Of course, a lot of that has changed, but no matter what, it's the MC and the DJ."

On this particular cut, "The Essence," which features Kam Moye and Prince Po, Mane Rok leaps off each note with a deliberate flow over Es-Nine's big, resounding drums and whistles. Lyrically, Mane sets the stage perfectly for Kam Moye to come in and expound on his own passion for hip-hop, leading nicely into Prince Po. Mixed in over scratches and cuts by Es-Nine, is a sample from Eric B. and Rakim's "In the Ghetto."

There's quite an ensemble sharing the bill tonight with Mane Rok, Es-Nine and A.V.I.U.S. (with Cysko Rokwel), including the Legendary Artifacts (Tame One & El Da Sensei), Deca, Ichiban, Deejay Tense, Rhias of Air Dubai, Sarah Golay and Jess Jones.


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