Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia is half of the legendary DJ duo known as Deep Dish. Striking out on his own, he's crafted an appealing sound that recalls his work with Dish while expanding those horizons considerably, like a wild-eyed, experimental side of Deep Dish — still in service to the beat, still eminently capable of moving a dance floor, but a little weirder, a little looser. Dubfire dips into the crates and pulls out electro, remixed new wave and abstract, pulsing techno to complement the kind of deep, progressive and tribal house tracks that he Dished out so capably with counterpart Sharam Tayebi. It's a nice mix, one that's just as hypnotic, druggy and funky as Deep Dish, but with more capacity for the odd and unexpected to happen at any minute. Dubfire (due at Vinyl on Friday, November 23) captured a slice of this sound on his recent Global Underground release, Tai Pei, an excellent, engaging blend that leaves no doubt that the man is almost as much a force to be reckoned with on his own as he is with his partner.


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