Dubstep DJ Caspa appearing September 17 at Mile High Bass Invasion 2

U.K. producer/DJ Caspa is one of the premier names in dubstep, and a quick spin through his body of work makes it easy to understand why. His Dub Police label has been home to not only a slew of his original productions, but some excellent tracks from artists such as Rusko, the Others and L-Wiz, as well. He mixed one of the first big dubstep compilations, an entry in the popular FabricLive series, and he's lent his remix skills to everyone from Deadmau5 to Ludacris. Across all of that, he's championed a tough, minimal and dirty dubstep aesthetic that puts the focus squarely on raw, abrasive synth textures, gut-punching bass and snappy, energetic beats. At its best, it sounds like the future of urban dance music; at its worst, it's intriguing if somewhat less than memorable. And considering Caspa's still relatively new — he's only been producing since 2003 — there's still plenty of time to work out those last few kinks and become a superstar. In the meantime, you can catch him Friday, September 17, at Cervantes', as part of Mile High Bass Invasion 2.


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