Duce Stabs

The cover of I'm Sooo Screwed features a crude cartoon of a man begging for change on a street corner with a sign that reads, "I Wrap 4or Booz." Surrounding said gristled man are cheap, unoriginal sight gags such as a condom trying to pick up a whore, a stale In Living Color-lifted pickle in a jar of urine, and a phone number on the wall followed by the line "Call me for the teabag." Black Thought he ain't. But for those who don't mind pedestrian lyrics such as "I'm a crazy-ass corny/Slamming proof 80/I get muy borracho and screw the bearded lady," Duce is your man. It's interesting to hear slowed-down, Houston-style screwed music spat in a D-town vernacular in the same way it's sometimes fun to eat tapas: a nice change of pace, for sure, but in the end, it really just makes you want to take a trip to Spain.


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