Dugoutcanoe at Rhinoceropolis

Anyone who saw Jacob Isaacs playing in the legendary Angels Never Answer probably wouldn't have guessed he'd do music like this. The earliest incarnations of Dugoutcanoe (due on Saturday, November 28, at Rhinoceropolis) used tape samples and Isaacs's prodigious skill with drums and guitar, looping both, and as the project evolved, Isaacs went from drum prodigy to guitar wizard, creating mesmerizing layers of guitar to match his unconventional rhythm structures. It would be tempting to call Dugoutcanoe something stupid like "indie prog," but there aren't descriptors adequate or encompassing enough to fit what the music is all about. It's virtuosic without being wanky, sophisticated without being pretentious and powerful without the need for bombast and melodrama. The only kindred artists who bear comparison are perhaps David Pajo and Marnie Stern — two musicians whose own unique work is equally entrancing.


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