Dustin Edge

Considering all the Denver musicians who have moved to New York lately, it's refreshing to see someone do the reverse. New Yorker Dustin Edge relocated to Boulder a few months ago, and the songwriter is already releasing a new EP. Unlike Edge's previous releases — the post-punk-leaning A Forest Through the Trees and By the Numbers — the five songs on Calm form a hearty stew of spooky balladry and woodsy rock only slightly diluted by overly smooth vocals (not to mention a really bad funky-hoedown rap in "Dig Down"). Granted, Edge's abrupt 180 from urban hipness to rustic warmth raises questions about his commitment to his new sound — and may even make listeners wonder if he switched to a rootsy style because he thought that we backcountry Coloradans only listen to music that twangs. No matter: It's mostly a pretty twang, regardless of where it comes from.


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