Dying Fetus

Although in the minds of many, Dethklok represents the unlikely foray of death metal into the mainstream, it was pioneers like Maryland's Dying Fetus that did the legwork in establishing and refining the art form. Beginning in 1991, Dying Fetus fused technical death metal with grindcore, and co-founder and singer/guitarist John Gallagher and various other vocalists for the band perfected the distorted roar/bark heard these days in much of extreme metal. But fusing death metal's precision and dynamic experimentation with grindcore's breakneck speed and raw musical savagery, then exploring the possibilities that combination presents, is what has long made Dying Fetus not just an interesting band, but an influential one, as well. Reign Supreme, the act's latest effort, marks a return to its signature, uncompromising brutality.


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