Eats Everything plays everything at Beta on Thanksgiving

Everyone's heard of the legendary Pete Tong, whose BBC Radio 1 show has been known for years as the best place to hear the hottest new EDM trends. Pay attention to the person touring with him when he next hits up Denver: Bristolian Daniel Pearce, who's better known as Eats Everything. The name is appropriate, too, because this producer/DJ spreads out a buffet of Detroit house and techno right alongside garage and drum-and-bass from the United Kingdom. And he presents it all in a pulsing, undeniably fresh format of house music that's drawn attention from such labels as Catz N Dogz (his debut single, "Entrance Song," can be found on affiliate Pets Recordings) and, most recently, Claude Von Stroke's flagship dirtybird label, on which his latest release, "Vertigo," can be found. Tong and Eats Everything play Beta Thursday, November 22, so save some post-feast energy for the dance floor.


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