Echospace spins in Denver on Saturday, December 3

With a name like Echospace, you know this outfit probably doesn't play hard house. And in fact, the collaboration between ambient dub-techno producer Rod Modell (aka Deepchord) and Steven Hitchell (aka Soultek) is definitely spaced out and dub-influenced, with trippy washes of melody over steadily throbbing beats. It's all produced using strictly vintage analog equipment: signal processors, noise generators, analog synthesizers, Roland Space Echo, Korg tape delay and more. The result, despite the lack of digital intervention, is somehow simultaneously dreamy and precise, a perfect soundtrack for walking through a field in winter, when the newly fallen snow and silence make you feel like the only human on Earth. After success with 2007's The Coldest Season and the more austere Liumin in 2010, the duo is touring, and Denver will be treated to a live Echospace set on Saturday, December 3, at an intimate underground location, with Louis Marr, Maroje T and Alex Simon. (RSVP to to get venue information.)


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