Eddie Turner

The notorious book called The Turner Diaries concerns a worldwide race war won by Caucasians. The decision by guitarist Eddie Turner, an African-American, to give his latest recording the same handle may be entirely coincidental; the title track's lyrics don't overtly reference the other Diaries. Whatever the case, the CD reclaims the moniker by dint of sheer excellence. Electric-blues albums don't get any better than this.

Turner remains a scorching player, and his soloing on the likes of "Dangerous" will slacken jaws. But the disc's secret weapon is producer Kenny Passarelli, who created the ambience on Otis Taylor's finest platters. Thanks to Passarelli, Turner's tunes resonate with mystery and menace even as they kick the ass of anyone within earshot.

Be warned, racists: Turner will introduce his new disc to the public on June 29 at Lone Tree's Robusto Room and June 30 at Boulder's Foundry -- and at both shows, expect him to give The Turner Diaries a good name. About time, too.


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