Edie Sedgwick

Musical gimmicks are like trying to pass off a dildo as your own equipment: You're going to have to fuck some pretty stupid people in order to get the last laugh. Edie Sedgwick, aka Justin Moyer, takes his name from a dead debutante who moonlighted as one of Andy Warhol's barnacles. He wears lip gloss. All of his song titles come from celebrities like Christian Slater. And the music? Well, that's where the diversions come in handy. With teeth-chattering Thrill Kill Cult beats, tone-deaf Perry Farrell vocals and every bargain-basement production trick heisted from Peaches, Sedgwick sounds unimpressively "timely." It would help if monotony wasn't so often mistaken for a hook, and if Sedgwick didn't insist on pockmarking every song with noise smears designed to give his material an edge. Yeah, I get it. But who cares?


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