On the face of things, Eisley ought to be the shittiest group ever. After all, the group features siblings Chauntelle, Sherri, Weston and Stacy DuPree, who range in age from 15 to 22 and look like a casting director's dream. Thank goodness comparisons to the Partridge Family end there. The four DuPrees, joined by bassist Jonathan Wilson, actually play their instruments rather than sway back and forth while waving their hands in front of them, and they honed their chops in the Dallas club scene before coming to the attention of executives at Reprise Records. Moreover, their just-released full-length debut, Room Noises, is far more intriguing than their bios might imply. Songs such as "Memories" and "Telescope Eyes" are moody and contemplative, with the DuPrees' ripe harmonies simultaneously exuding warmth and melancholy. Granted, the disc sports a handful of misses that flirt with ickiness, and the running time isn't overly generous, especially considering that it contains tunes from two previous EPs. Yet even at their most pedestrian, the members of Eisley, who headline a bill supplemented by the Colour, Yellow Second and Hobbs NM, sound infinitely better than anyone has a right to expect. No shit.


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