El Toro de la Muerte at Larimer Lounge

When you call your band "The Bull of Death," you have to excuse people for thinking you play some variety of metal-core. This Colorado Springs quintet is almost as far removed from that kind of thing as possible — except that a couple of these guys were once in heavy-as-heavy-can-be bands such as the Great Redneck Hope and Thruster. You wouldn't know it from the delicate instrumentation and harmonies that make up the music of El Toro de la Muerte (due at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, April 11). Sounding a bit like an indie-rock version of Supertramp, replete with a diverse array of instrumentation, this outfit trades in a richly appointed pop that borders on symphonic without coming off as pretentious. Despite the group's menacing name, its music is as gentle and smart as it is well honed.


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