Eldren's Yankee Stargazer lives up to the second half of its name. Predicated on fuzzy, wide-eyed wonder, the four-song EP unfurls a set of lazy, lovely lullabies funneled through an onrush of emotion. With hazy guitar and glittery piano, the title track establishes the album's gentle pace, which later flows into the curious, inward gaze of "Sleep Walker." The quintet's third album finds footing in haphazard imagery snatched from waking dreams and zealous percussion looped across strange, stretched melodies. The mood here veers from childlike merriment to outright apocalyptica, but even as the band bends its unconventional psych-rock around lyrics about "fires running wild in the streets" and "homes abandoned," the music is still joyful and resolute — an expert mix of wonder and woe.


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