Electric Side Dish

Whether offering a Van Morrison chestnut, channeling the heavier sounds of Widespread Panic or garnishing its classic rock-inspired sound with roots-flavored original fare, Electric Side Dish (due at Sancho's Broken Arrow on Sunday, December 4) cooks up a savory blend of grooves that leaves you wanting more. Axmen John Tipton and Phil Dudden provide a double helix of snaking guitar lines, while Stef Briggs powers the keys with talent to rival the best ivory-handlers in the jam game. And the rock-steady rhythms of drummer Charlie Briggs and percussionist John Bunting, along with the funked-up stylings of bassman "Fleeb," could provoke even the heaviest of couch potatoes to roll around the dance floor. The Dishers celebrate their third anniversary as the Sunday-night house act at Sancho's with a pre-show reception featuring acoustic music by the band, tasty catering and general festivity. Come and get it.


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