Elephant Revival

Looking to make a more professionally produced album that might be more radio-friendly, Elephant Revival teamed up with producer Ryan Hadlock, who's worked with the Lumineers and Brandi Carlile, to make These Changing Skies. While the thirteen-track album certainly sounds better than previous efforts, the songs are better as well; the act's ability to pen captivating tunes has grown during its seven-year existence. With a core based on folk, the group excels at vocal harmonies, especially on the gorgeous and sprawling opening cut, "Birds and Stars"; they're equally good with Celtic-based instrumentals like "The Rakers" and "The Pasture." While the act's following has grown considerably since 2006, the exquisite These Changing Skies clearly has the potential to push Elephant Revival to the next level purely on the strength of polished cuts like "Birds and Stars," "Spinning" and "Down to the Sea."


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