Elephant Revival, November 26 at the Walnut Room

It turns out that Nederland should be known for more than just its tranquil gentility and Grandpa Bredo and his Tuff Shed. Elephant Revival (due at the Walnut Room on Friday, November 26) does the unlikely by taking bluegrass-inflected Americana and making it seem more fresh than old-timey. The outfit calls its blend of sounds "transcendental folk" — a fair enough description, as the tenor of the music is one of wending hopefully on the open road toward new places and experiences, contemplating both the possibilities ahead and the simple pleasures of the present. The group's latest offering, Break in the Clouds, embodies an aesthetic aimed at clearing away the cobwebs of winter and provides a comforting listen for the season ahead. The quintet's rich array of instrumentation is impressive on its records, even more so in a live setting.


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