Elvis is everywhere.
Mary McCartney

Elvis Costello

His name isn't really Elvis Costello. The London-born iconic pop figure popped out of the womb christened with the desperately un-romantic and very un-rock-star handle of Declan Patrick MacManus. The young MacManus outgrew his given appellation by his early twenties and adopted the combined names of Elvis (straight from the hip-shaking King) and Costello (his mother's maiden name) for his debut single "Less Than Zero," released in March 1977. Rock and roll hasn't been the same since. Over his decades-old career, Costello has dabbled in new wave and no wave, post-punk and ska revival, country folk and folk rock: The dude has the Midas musical touch, apparently, and it has yet to do him wrong. His latest purge into the genre cornucopia finds his sticky organ fingers at the helm of R&B prodigy Allen Toussaint. Catch the pair at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass festival, where Costello and Toussaint will fire off soulful, bluesy selections from their recently released collaborative effort The River in Reverse.


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