Emancipator hits the decks for three Colorado shows this week

Ten years ago, Douglas Appling — better known in most musical circles as producer and live P.A. impresario Emancipator  — picked up some production software and started playing around. He's come a long way since then, touring and sharing stages with some of his biggest influences (Bonobo among them), and he's proven through his sweeping, Eastern-tinged trip-hop tunes that downtempo's heyday didn't end when Massive Attack went mainstream. Emancipator's first album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, gained some attention in Japan, and his song "Maps" was played at the Beijing Olympics; his second effort, Safe in the Steep Cliffs, proved his ability to harness the haunting poignancy of instruments with deliberately placed effects, generating a gorgeous soundscape in which you can easily lose yourself. He'll treat Colorado to three shows this weekend: Thursday, November 8, at the Fox Theatre in Boulder; Friday, November 9, at the Ogden Theatre; and Saturday, November 10, at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.


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