Eminem zings the Denver Broncos on MMLP2

Eminem zings the Denver Broncos on MMLP2

Eminem's new album, MMLP2, comes out next week. It's fire, from what we've heard so far. Anyhow, you'll be especially interested in the opening track, "Bad Guy," in which an associate of an old friend, a fella you might remember by the name of Stan, makes an appearance, and towards the end of the cut, he name drops our beloved home team. Well, "name drops" is probably generous. "Here's your Broncos hat," he spits. "You can have that shit back 'cause they suck." Assuming the "Broncos" in question here is ours, and we're also going to have to assume that the track, which bristles with classic Eminem venom, clearly isn't based on reality. Have a listen.


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