Emmitt-Nershi Band

Nimble-fingered Leftover Salmonite Drew Emmitt teams with String Cheese Incident strummer Bill Nershi for a soul-warming platter of acoustic fare. The shimmeringly clear recording enables a rootsy blend of strings to ring through on everything from the Gypsy jazz-inspired instrumental cut "Surfing the Red Sea" to the Latin-infused track "Mango Tango" to the bluegrass- and newgrass-based (and pleasingly vocalized) strains of "Road of Destruction," "This Is the Time" and "I Come From the Country." The well-balanced collection of earthy offerings is assisted by the talents of Tyler Grant, Jason Carter, Andy Thorn, Eric Thorin, Keith Moseley, Rob Ickes and Steven Sandifer. If you like your roots sizzling, head to the back of the Emmitt-Nershi wagon and get a heapin' helpin' of what's being served.


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