Empire of the Sun

The Sleepy Jackson and Pnau might not ring any bells on this side of the pond, but both outfits are well-known in their home country of Australia — and, it would seem, have very little in common. The Sleepy Jackson is an alternative-rock group from Perth, on the west coast of Australia, while Pnau is a dance-music duo from Sydney, on the east coast. But the two meet in the middle with Empire of the Sun, which comprises Sleepy Jackson frontman Luke Steele and Pnau producer Nick Littlemore. The livetronica that results is reminiscent of new wave: Slick and sophisticated, restrained and somber, quirky and wistful, it's entirely appropriate that the band is named after the J.G. Ballard novel that became Steven Spielberg's 1987 hit. Empire of the Sun will make its first-ever Colorado appearance, alongside a whole boatload of other electronic-friendly acts, at this year's Global Dance Festival.


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