End of Empires lose gear to thieving d-bags

End of Empires lose gear to thieving d-bags
Bet End of Empires would love to get their hands on the culprits.

If karma truly is a boomerang, then may the thieving, unscrupulous jerkoffs who stole a truckload of gear belonging to End of Empires get audited by the IRS -- or at least, like, I don't know, come down with a nasty case of swine flu or something. Earlier this week, some lowlife scum bag(s?) robbed the group of their livelihood, essentially, making off with everything a band needs to, well, be a band, guitars, amps, drums, keys and cables. Take a look at the rundown of missing gear and then keep your eyes open. If you should happen to come across said thieves, feel to throw  a handful of dirt in their eyes and then a) phone the police, b) kick them in the junk, or c) phone the police and then kick them in the junk.

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