Releasing dozens of singles over the course of more than 25 years together, Erasure has become a foundational act and point of reference for many modern electro-pop groups, with Vince Clarke's smart, shiny and sometimes dark compositions laying the groundwork for Andy Bell's unmistakably soulful voice, which has transcended the radio world and made him an opera star in his own right. Synthetic beats aside, much of Erasure's lyrical work reads like classic Motown: Stories of deep devotion, broken hearts and breakups abound, with Bell's voice creating the perfect contemporary vessel for the duo's love songs. While late-'80s hits like "Chains of Love" and "Stop!" might be the band's best-known efforts, Erasure has been working hard since its 1985 inception, putting out more than forty chart-reaching singles. Now, after a four-year hiatus, Clarke and Bell are back and on tour in support of an October release, Tomorrow's World.


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