Eric McFadden Trio

The Eric McFadden Trio could just be the Band of Gypsys for the new millennium, a fact not lost on McFadden, who not only borrowed a few tricks from Hendrix, but even called his previous band the Eric McFadden Experience. In all fairness, though, McFadden's scope runs wider. On 2005's Joy of Suffering, for instance, he goes from heavy rock riffage to dusty Ennio Morricone-inspired spaghetti-Western twang, even adding in a bit of Latin, flamenco and gypsy. His wicked mandolin chops, however, are what caught the ear of George Clinton, who invited the axman on tour with him in 2000. Beyond his nimble-fingered excursions on both nylon-stringed and electric guitars, McFadden also has a resounding voice, which draws frequent comparisons to Tom Waits, for whatever reason. Sure, there's a bit of the Waitsian carnivalesque drawl, but without the gravel, his delivery is more reminiscent of Nick Cave.


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