Erik Deutsch

Before his recent move to Brooklyn, pianist Erik Deutsch spent a decade on the Colorado jazz scene. Fingerprint, issued by Boulder's Sterling Circle label, symbolizes the transition, since it incorporates strong musicians from both his residences, old and new.

The locals include cornetist Ron Miles, guitarist Ross Martin and Janet Feder on "guitars and things." They're joined by violinist Jenny Scheinman, drummer Allison Miller and bassist Todd Sickafoose in an ensemble that exhibits subtlety and sensitivity. Take "Underbelly," which shifts between full-band passages driven by Scheinman's vivid playing and lovely solo segments spotlighting Deutsch and Miles prior to an unexpectedly forceful conclusion. "Firefly" is a quirkier creation, with Miller's prominent thumps slicing through a sinuous melody, and the title track finds Deutsch and crew changing pace in ways that provide variety to the setting without leaving listeners behind.

Deutsch may have departed from Denver physically, but the town is still leaving its mark on his music — to its benefit.


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