Escape Goats

There's lots of variety to be found on On the Lam, the latest album from Fort Collins's Escape Goats. The bluesy roots of opener "I'll See You Again" recall the music of the Band — frontman Joe Schicke's vocals are similar to Levon Helm's — while the trio locks into a peppy country shuffle on the next cut, "Shine Down." Elsewhere on the eight-track disc, the Goats delve into a Bo Diddley beat on "Formulate," then slow it down for the relaxed soul of "Sensitive Situation" and the twangy "Just Like You," a ballad featuring pedal steel from Cary Morin. But even though the band, which also features Subdudes drummer Steve Amedee and a guest appearance by 'dudes keyboardist John Magnie, mixes it up from song to song, the disc is still fairly cohesive.


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