Everyone But You, Eric Shiveley's excellent documentary, finally makes its way to the web

Just over four years ago, Eric Shiveley self-produced a documentary called Everyone But You. The film, which Shiveley shot, produced and edited himself over the course of two years, did a fine job of capturing the loneliness, isolation and frustration of being a struggling musician from the purview of a lonely, frustrated, struggling musician.

The story begins with Shiveley selling his home in Denver and moving to the San Luis Valley, where he moves into a trailer while he builds a recording studio on a picturesque plot of land he purchased. The film earned entry and accolades in a number of festivals, but until now, it's been limited to a handful of local screenings. This past week, the film finally made its way to the Internet. If you have some time to kill today, it's totally worth checking it out.