F@YWT$ (Fuck All Y'all. We the Shit) — what a name. The handle is strange enough to be different, bold enough to be controversial, and hip enough to appeal to the kids. The problem, however, is that what F@YWT$ the name is, F@YWT$ the group isn't. The themes are tired, the flows are conventional, the act is offensive (but in the least interesting way), and the hooks are not sharp enough to catch much of anything. The members of F@YWT$ can get as good as they like at rhyming — and they have a ways to go — but until they find their own sound, until they grow some fangs, they won't be able to separate themselves from the tens of thousands of other rappers just like them. In the meantime, here's a suggestion for a new name: ITYOWO (Indifferent to Your Opinion. We're Okay.)


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