No Roots, the fourth installment from U.K. powerhouse Faithless, is an emotional exploration that restores faith like a religious epiphany. After ten years together, Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong prove that the power of music is still alive in the hearts of true believers. Introducing guest lyricist and singer LSK, Faithless presents a fresh look at the bleeding edge, skillfully blending his reggae-flavored vocals with Maxi's pitter-patter toasts. Producers Rollo and Sister Bliss combine elements of garage, jazz and house with unexpected arrangements and live instrumentation, exalting originality with several superior tracks. "Mass Destruction" brings a distinct dancehall vibe with Maxi's intensely personal message about war, family and longing, while LSK shines on "I Want More: Part One" with his smooth voice and raw reflections on materialism. One of the best releases so far this year, No Roots is graceful, mature and progressive. The masses will pray at the altar of Faithless.


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