Ferry Corsten

If you believe what all the big electronic magazines say about Ferry Corsten (due at the Church on Thursday, June 22), then you might think he's just another in a series of untouchable superstar DJs from the U.K. Although the label may be accurate, it's also a bit disingenuous. It's true that Corsten is ranked among the top names in the world, but the fact is, he belongs there. He's proved to be a rock-solid talent with staying power -- an anomaly in a scene rife with disposable talent. Having worked as a DJ and producer for nearly two decades, Corsten has put out his share of wicked tunes, such as "Rock Your Body Rock" and "Punk," and has handled remix duties for U2, Duran Duran and Moby. Ultimately, Corsten's work has had a huge impact on the direction of electronic music, and with the launch of his new label, Flashover Recordings, it's a safe bet that he'll continue pumping out quality tracks for years to come.


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