Ferry Corsten

If trance is your thing, you need to make plans to go to the Global Dance Festival on Saturday, July 19, at Red Rocks. Nothing like seeing one of the most popular trance DJ/producers in the world — Ferry Corsten, consistently voted into the top ten of DJ magazine's top 100 list over the past few years — in one of the most gorgeous venues on the planet. His brand of syrupy, trance-tastic dance music will never sound better than it will surrounded by the natural beauty of Red Rocks; all those shimmering string pads and ridiculous builds might actually seem appropriate, even a bit understated, when compared with the genuine grandeur of the environment. And for the rest of us, who find that kind of subtlety-smashing trance a bit much, there's plenty else on offer, from a first-time Colorado appearance by Deadmau5 to the twisted drum-and-bass of Dieselboy — not to mention support from a host of fine local talent.


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