Film School

Declaring a moratorium on bands influenced by the post-punk sound of the late '70s and early '80s seems like a fine idea. After all, how much more danceable depression can the average music fan take before he pulls on his Ian Curtis T-shirt and hangs himself? And yet this plan has a notable drawback: A small percentage of the groups in this category don't sound as played out as they should, for often inexplicable reasons. Film School, for instance, doesn't overflow with authenticity; the group, led by vocalist/guitarist Krayg Burton, formed in San Francisco in the late '90s before relocating to New York City, which is so clogged with such acts that it should be renamed New Manchester. Against all odds, though, the outfit's self-titled album for the Beggars Banquet imprint holds up pretty well, thanks to Burton's beguiling drone and tracks such as "11:11," whose arrangement is suitably cinematic. Granted, most other bands of this ilk wouldn't be missed. But Film School, the centerpiece of this week's Rockstars Are Dead! party at the hi-dive, deserves to remain in session.


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