Fingers of the Sun

It's clear from the material on 3 that the members of Fingers of the Sun have greatly matured as songwriters. A tune like "Skinny Pert and Cool," for instance, sustains the band's signature knack for infectious melody while commenting on the beautiful ignorance of youth versus the depressing security of age: "Made a pass but was denied/Jesus Christ, at least I tried.../Growing older I'm starting to reflect/Now it's money on my mind." And the group is certainly still wearing its influences on its sleeve: The Beatles-like "Tambourines and Toasters" sounds suspiciously similar to "Getting Better." Similarly, "In My Basement" feels like a lost track from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack as performed by Kim Deal. While Fingers' lyrics may face existential truths, its sound is still very much rooted in intangible fantasy, the kind of romance-inducing flavor that rarely reflects reality, existing largely in daydreams and headphones.


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