Finn Riggins

Idaho is probably the last place anyone would expect a thriving pocket of experimental rock to exist. But that's exactly where Finn Riggins was founded, in the small town of Hailey. Four albums and hundreds of shows into its career, Finn Riggins is hardly a household name, but it should be. The act weaves together strands of psychedelic rock, garage, prog and Americana in a way that is boldly inventive and original. Coming off a short stint touring with fellow Idahoans Built to Spill, Riggins is continuing on its own tour to promote the recently released Vs. Wilderness, an offering that brims with urgent melodies, insistent rhythms and fragile yet warm atmospheres. Renowned for its powerful live sets, the trio will bring its electrifying live show to a string of Colorado dates, beginning with this one at the hi-dive.


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