Five best midsize venues in LoDo and Ballpark

Five best midsize venues in LoDo and Ballpark
Aaron Thackeray

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With the recent opening of the 500-capacity Roxy Theatre, which will be now be primarily a live music venue, LoDo and the Ballpark neighborhood are suddenly brimming with midsize venues. With so many fine rooms to choose from, now seemed to be a fitting time to us to offer up a rundown of each place and give you an idea where they rank.

Five best midsize venues in LoDo and Ballpark

5. Roxy Theatre

While it's still has to prove its worth, the newly revamped 500-person Roxy Theatre has potential. A new thumping sound system was installed, as well as a new lighting rig, and new owner Travis Ragan, who runs it with Ivan Ovchinnikov, says some people are saying the venue has never looked better. The two, who also own Strong Survive Promotionz, are bringing in national and local hip-hop acts, but Ragan says they're open to all genres of music.

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