Five Finger Death Punch

Extreme-metal purists can say what they will about Five Finger Death Punch. There's a reason that former Denverite Ivan Moody and company have managed to steadily work their way up to headlining arenas and tours such as this week's Trespass America Festival: Their hard-edged, melodic brand of metalcore, akin to that of acts like co-headliner Killswitch Engage, is powered by equal amounts of scorned vitriol and reflective emotion. As a result, the music resonates deeply with the masses, particularly on tracks like "Over It and Under It," in which Moody does an admirable job of channeling the frustration of having to endure the relentless scrutiny and judgment of detractors. At the same time, on tracks like "The Devil's Own," Moody displays a relatable sense of loss and regret with lines like "It's because of you I'm broken/It's because of you I'm dead inside."


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