Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy was like an eight-year-long supernova that came, burned brightly for a few years and was then extinguished, with one final hurrah at the Fillmore in 2003. While its members splintered off into various factions, with bands that were compelling in their own right (Yellow Second, Nathan & Stephen, the Hollyfelds, Roper, Brave Saint Saturn), the once-great FIF was ultimately relegated to being a fond memory in the annals of local-music folklore. Until this year, that is, when the group's mostly original lineup (Keith Hoerig opted to let the past remain so) was resurrected and the members took the show back on the road. And thanks to the generosity of fans who proved the merits of Kickstarter a couple hundred thousand times over, a new album is in the works. Don't miss your chance to catch these local legends and see what the fuss was all about.


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