Five more concert buzzkills

Five more concert buzzkills
Noah Van Sciver

So a couple of weeks ago, we laid out what we thought was the complete compendium of the biggest concert buzzkills. Turns out, though, we left a number of entries out, and so with your direct input (Whiskey Bulldozer and Surf's Up), we went back to the drawing board, literally, and came up with five more concert buzzkills. Keep reading to see if you recognize any of the newbies and feel free to let us know if there's still some we missed. We're already planning another edition featuring the Human Metronome (genius!).

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Five more concert buzzkills

The Whiskey Bulldozer The aptly coined Whiskey Bulldozer mows through the crowd indiscriminately with an armful of drinks and a determined and unflinching gaze, splashing unsuspecting bystanders with brimming brews in an effort to renegotiate their spot, which, of course, has filled in during their absence. It's bad enough that you end up wearing their drink as they flatten everything in their path, but as often as not, by default, they usually end up spilling your drink, too -- without so much as an "excuse me" or even a token "my bad."

See also: The original ten biggest concert buzzkills

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