Five more coveted Colorado music-industry jobs

As the head of Sub.Mission, Nicole Cacciavillano holds down what we consider to be one of the most coveted music industry jobs in Colorado.
As the head of Sub.Mission, Nicole Cacciavillano holds down what we consider to be one of the most coveted music industry jobs in Colorado.
Britt Chester

Colorado is an incredible place for live music -- from our outdoor venues, one of which is world-renowned, to the vast festivals, shows and indoor venues we have to choose from. The growth of the music scene has created a small niche of music-industry jobs. In case you missed it, we recently spotlighted five people holding down five highly coveted positions. Keep reading for a short profile on five more folks who hold down gigs that many of us would gnaw off our throwing arm to land.

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Tyler Jensen (right) with Zedd at the Beatport offices.
Tyler Jensen (right) with Zedd at the Beatport offices.

Senior Manager of Communications (Tyler Jensen, Beatport)

Upon acquiring his first CD, Tyler Jensen knew that he would make a career in music. After multiple internships, some paid and some not, Jensen took jobs at both Napster and Warner Music Group out in California. When the chance to work at Beatport presented itself, he immediately packed his bags and moved to Denver.

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At Napster, Jensen had become acquainted with Matthew Adell, Beatport's CEO, who posted the job opening Jensen responded to. "I saw the posting for the job on Facebook," he recalls, "and after talking with Shawn Sabo [Manufactured Superstars], I was packing my stuff to move to Denver."

The road to Denver started on the East Coast, when Jensen graduated from NYU. "I aspired to work at a major record label, maybe be an A&R guy," says Jensen "That was back in the day when they were discovering girls in church and signing them to seven-record deals." Jensen later landed a gig working for a major record label, but he eventually found his way to Beatport. Then the industry took a turn. "I had a great setup in LA," he says. "I was there for six years. I was doing fine. But I saw the record label going down, and I needed to get out."

When Jensen joined the company in 2010, Beatport had around 65,000 "likes" on Facebook page ("I did not expect Beatport to be such a major player in the music industry"), but these days, the company now sits at over 850,000, and a lot of that is thanks to the efforts of Jensen, who oversees social media for Beatport.

Probably the most enviable part of Jensen's job -- he's in charge of all other communication for the company -- is that he gets to work with all the artists that come through the Beatport offices to perform Ustream sets, a task which has allowed him to rub shoulders with some of the world's biggest names in contemporary music.

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